Fiscally conservative, socially moderate, Republican.

Robert Ardini: 2016 Candidate for Congress

Greetings!  I'd like to be the new Congressman of my District.  The Representative presently occupying the seat has been a member of the House for over 20 consecutive years.  I believe we're long overdue for a change!

My Congressional District (#12) includes much of Manhattan and a small section of Brooklyn and Queens.  Not sure if you reside in the District?  Please just click here to bring up a detailed map. 

My Number One issue is our crippling NATIONAL DEBT.  Left unchecked, it will soon crush each and every segment of our population.  We're all aware of what happens when individuals run up too much credit.  It's no different when it comes to our government.  We already have one or two good plans to keep our debt under control.  Now it's just a matter of approving one of those plans, which leads me to my second issue...

GRIDLOCK.  When I mention the word 'Congress' to the average voter, gridlock is the word they most associate with it.  How do I plan to overcome gridlock?  The old-fashioned way - by forging personal friendships with members of all parties, establishing a foundation of mutual respect from which to build, and then employing proven negotiation skills.  It's a successful recipe without having to resort to 'giving away the farm.'

Professionally, I've had a varied career working as a marketing executive and, in later years, running a small business.  I'm NOT a career politician.  Although I've been elected to office many times in various organizations, this is my very first run for government.  On a personal note, I have two passions - classical music and growing roses.  You can read more about me on my Facebook page.

Would you like to know my position on a specific issue that is important to you?  If so, please send a note to my personal e-mail address and I'll be sure to answer you myself.  Would you like to volunteer in some capacity or make a financial contribution to the campaign?  Same thing, just send a note to my e-mail.  (Federal law requires that I first send you a contribution form to complete.)  And, please friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter!

I appreciate your consideration and ask for your vote.  Thank you very much.



Facebook: robert.ardini

Twitter: @RobertArdini

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